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Invite Warmth

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Step into a world of soothing warmth with our meticulously handpicked gift box. This carefully chosen assortment is designed to cocoon you in an ambiance of relaxation and well-being, extending an open-hearted invitation to tranquility around every corner.

The gift box includes:

- Blanket with a rice motif design, 130x170 cm

- Lavender scented candle, Ipuro

- Marble-design cup and the accompanying golden leaf-design teaspoon

- Cranberry-strawberry tea and hot chocolate


Tea: 57% apple pieces, hibiscus, rose hip peels, 10% cranberry pieces, blackberry leaves, 1% freeze-dried strawberry pieces.

Hot chocolate: sugar, cocoa powder. May contain: hazelnuts, other nuts, peanuts, milk, soy, and gluten.